Latest iPhone software & games

Doom Resurrection finally makes it to the iPhone

id Software has finally released the original Doom on iPhone. Its called Doom Resurrection and looks just like Doom 3 game and offers a first person shooting experience.

Gameloft's Ferrari GT: Evolution for the iPhone

Gameloft has released their latest racing game called Ferrari GT: Evolution.

It looks amazing, sounds great, and performs well, which is the trifecta of an excellent iPhone game. There’s a point on one of the tracks where it starts raining, and the weather effects, while basic, are a nice touch. The engine sounds are great and music is good too.

Hero of Sparta for iPhone

Hero of Sparta is a 3D action adventure game where you take the role of King Argos in an attempt to defy the gods.

Hero of Sparta offers a some amazing arcade style action and adventure game play for you to fight your way through.

SimCity iPhone Now Available

SimCity is an open-ended city-building computer and console video game series, created by developer Will Wright. More comparable to SimCity 2000 than 3000, the SimCity iPhone game has all the features would-be urban planners expect in a solid version of SimCity. The usual assortment of zoning options, transportation methods, and civic buildings are at your disposal, along with famous buildings and other bonuses.

501 Darts

MyNuMo has bought the classic 501 darts game to the iPhone. Players start with 501 points and throw three darts at a time to get to zero before their opponent beats them to it.

Play 501 Darts here.

Keno - the classic casino game

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Mobile Keno is the classic casino game now available on your iPhone. Guess what numbers will turn up in each round and see how much you can win. You can do a “quck bet” or pick your own numbers. The tap interface makes selecting and changing your choices easy. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Mobile Keno puts the fun of the Casino right on your iPhone.

Play Keno here.