Over 1.5 Billion Apps Downloaded from App Store


Just over 1 year since it’s launch the Apple App Store has seen more than 1.5 billion downloads!

That’s an amazing number considering only 9 months after launch 1 billion apps were downloaded so thats a further 500,000 in just 3 months.

As well as 1.5 billion downloads the total number of applications has increased to over 65,000!

With 1,000 new API’s in version 3.0 of software I can’t wait to see what applications are created in the coming months!

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midon Says:
If only Apple had been able to make pure profits off the App Store. It's going to take a long time for the competitor app stores combined to ever catch up.

2 billion downloads by the end of the year, easily. What will the 2 billionth downloader get for a prize?
Santani Says:
Clearly Apple store is ruling the roost in application arena… There is no one even near to it to compete.Nokia, RIM, Palm and Android all wanted to replicate App Store. Verizon is also toying with the idea by announcing its own APP store… But getting large number of developers and building the software is not bread and butter.. Catch App Store if you can!!
Jay Says:
I feel like the development of the iPhone an subsequently the entrance of the app store has been the smartest business move for apple in the past 3 years. It is the one product that has the staying power of any other cell phone out there and incorporates the best portable music player with integration to a great music managing software. In terms of the numbers being released that reflect the success of these business plans I have to wonder when will there be a moment where apple makes a misstep.
Odie Says:
Apple’s foray into the entire iTunes Store / App Store has turned out even better than they could probably imagined. Despite some bumps, curves, and dead ends here and there, it has gone quite smoothly considered the massive undertaking. Of course, we can’t forget about those artists, producers, and other creative minds providing the content. Congratulations to all!!!!
Matthew Says:
I don’t think Blakberry’s App World, Palm’s App Catolog, or the google app store will ever be able to catch up to how well the Apple App Store is doing.

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